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Frequently Asked Questions

When you give me the arrival window for my measure and/or install does that mean you will arrive at the beginning of the time frame and be completed by the end of the time frame?

No! We give those windows as an “arrive between” window. We will NOT be there at the beginning of that window always. We try stay on time as much as possible but sometimes things arise at the job site that is beyond our control and may cause us to be at a job site longer than expected. We will do our best to call and let you know if that happens and that we may be arriving later than our expected window. We feel this is the best way to go about the scheduling so we don’t give people windows of 8am-8pm like so many other repair, cable and delivery companies do.

Who disconnects my plumbing and electrical connections before you come to install my new tops?

We are not licensed plumbers or electricians. Therefore, we can not disconnect your plumbing or electrical connections. All plumbing and electrical connections need to be disconnected BEFORE we arrive on the job site. If you have paid for us to remove and dispose of your old tops but wish to keep your old sink or faucet YOU will have to have them unattached from the old tops before we arrive. If you are fine with us disposing the sink and faucet along with the tops they may still be attached to the countertops.

Can you re-connect my electrical and plumbing connections?

We are not licensed electricians or plumbers. Therefore, we can not make electrical or plumbing re-connections. When we leave your home the sink is fully installed on (or under) the countertop, but a plumber or the homeowner will have to re-connect faucets and drain lines the next day after all the adhesives and caulks have fully cured.

Can I cut on my granite countertop?

Only if you want to ruin your good knives. Granite is harder than your knife blades and will dull them very quickly, if you use the countertop as a cutting surface. Always cut and chop on a wooden or plastic cutting board. Hardness is measured on a MOH scale of 1 to 10, with ten being the hardest, and granite is a seven a stainless steel knife blade is around a six, so you cannot scratch granite with it.

Can granite crack?

 Not with ordinary use. Granite is most susceptible to cracks during shipping and installation. Normal use will not overstress this durable material. Normal use does not include standing on the countertops.

Can you scratch granite?

Granite is one of the hardest stones in the world. It is highly resistant to scratching in ordinary use. A knife blade will not scratch granite. It can be scratched by another piece of granite or with specially sharpened tools designed to work with granite like tungsten and diamond blades. 

How do you clean Granite?

Warm soapy water will do the trick. You can always use cleaners specifically formulated to help clean and protect stone surfaces as well.

Will my granite look like the sample?

Granite is a natural stone created by the forces of nature. It is composed of various minerals and is susceptible to wide variations in color, texture, spotting, veining and cracking. These variations are expected and are the source of its natural beauty. Therefore, no 4” x 4” sample can completely represent the changes found throughout a whole slab of granite. If you select a color that has a lot of movement and varies in color you will select your actual slab to be used in your kitchen by either selecting at  Granite quartz zone   or one of our many suppliers.

Why is some granite more expensive than others and are the higher priced granites stronger?

No! It is simply supply and demand and rarity of color. More attractive stones are in higher demand and if they come from a distant land in small quantities the price will be higher. Some of the toughest stones are also quite cheap and some of the most expensive can be very fragile. Also note that all natural stone contains small pits to varying degrees. These are simply small voids between grain boundaries and some of the most expensive stones can be full of them. 

Will my granite countertop have visible seams?

Most granite installations will require at least one or more joints called seams. During layout and design, we will try to minimize the number of seams required. Additionally, our care in manufacturing ensures that edges fit together very tightly to help lessen the appearance of visible seams. You will however be able to see and feel all granite seams.

How should I prepare for installation and how long will it take?

The Average 2 slab kitchen installation usually takes about 4 hours from start to finish. 

Recommendations to Prepare for Installations:

  • Installation Preparedness:  Access: Granite countertops are extremely heavy, and installers need clear access to entry ways. Please have your walkways and driveways as clear as possible.

  • Cabinets:  We recommend that you empty the cabinets under the sink base because they will be drilling the faucet holes on site. Even though we have one guy drilling and another holding the vacuum it is impossible to catch all dust. We will vacuum up our mess, but do not wipe down the cabinetry.

  • Safety:  Please remove any breakable items and cover items to protect them from dust. Granite installation can create a lot of dust.  Our installers do try to control the mess the best they can, but please remember that this is construction and it is by definition a messy business. 

  • Faucets: Please have ready any faucets, soap dispensers, hot water taps, disposal switches, reverse osmosis spigots and any other items that need to be drilled into the countertops. Your plumber will NOT be able to drill extra holes.

  • Sinks:  Top mount sinks will be cut on site inside the home after the tops have been set in place. Under-mount sinks are cut and polished at our shop and attached at the job site.

  • Cook Tops:  These will be cut out inside the home once the top has been set on the cabinets. Even though we do our best to lessen the dust it is the responsibility of the homeowner to remove any soft glide hardware or anything they fell the fine granite dust will damage.

  • Dishwashers:  These need to be in their final position. We install a metal bracket across the top of the cabinet that you can screw your dishwasher tabs into the following day.

  • Refrigerators:  These need to be in their final position. We install a metal bracket across the top of the cabinet that you can screw your dishwasher tabs into the following day.

Will my granite be sealed by you?

Your granite will be sealed prior to installation by the quarry. However, we recommend that you re-seal your granite counter top the day after installation because we do not know how long that sealer has been on the stone. You can purchase the water based sealer at any large box store. After the initial seal please follow manufacturers direction on the bottle of sealer you purchase.

Is there a chance that my walls will be dinged during the installation of my counter tops? 

Yes. This is a construction site and granite does not flex, so in order to install the tops you may have damage to your walls and they may need to be touched up by the homeowner. We do everything we can to minimize the dings but occasionally damage does occur to the sheetrock and paint.

Will the underside of my granite be smooth like the top?

No. We do not touch the top of the surface of the granite. It comes to us from overseas like you see it in our yard and showroom. We do not touch the underside of the granite either. We radius the bottom edge when we polish the edge to your edge selection, but we do not polish the under side of the slab.

What is your warranty and repair policy? 

Granite and quartz zone  backs up its work with a 3 year workmanship warranty. This warranty covers seam separation for one year from the date of installation. Although, in the over 1000 kitchen's that have been installed over the years this has never been an issue.

The warranty will not cover fissures and pits in granite. Because it is a natural stone, granite may have fissures which look like cracks; these pose no actual structural problems. When selecting your granite, please look for these carefully in your slabs if you wish to avoid them.

Although Granite is one of the hardest substances on earth, it is heat resistant to a hot frying pan, and you can cut on it. It is still Natural Stone so hitting with a hammer or a meat clever is not recommended. Granite and quartz zone  will not warranty against breakage after installation.

Maintaining your Q™ quartz is simple and easy:

  • For every day cleaning use a soft sponge or dishcloth with warm water.

  • For stubborn or greasy clean-ups use a gentle liquid cleaner like Mr. Clean, 409, Simple Green, Fantastic etc. or ordinary dish washing detergent e.g. Palmolive with warm water and a "White Scotch Brite".

  • Never use red or green Scotch Brite on Q as they contain aluminum oxide (the same abrasive in sand paper) and may dull Q's finish.

  • Do not use abrasive cleaning agents such as regular Comet and Ajax. If needed, Bon Ami and Bar Keepers Friend are both approved non-abrasive cleaning powders that will clean without affecting Q's finish.

  • Though most common household cleaners have no effect of Q, never allow your Q™ countertop to come in contact with drain cleaners, paint strippers or products containing Hydrofluoric acid, Methylene chloride, Trichloroethylene or any product with a very high or very low PH. These types of chemicals may etch or discolor the surface of Q.

  • There is no need to seal your Q countertop. Sealers cannot penetrate Q™ and remain on the surface. Eventually the sealer will start to wear off unevenly in high use areas causing the polish to appear inconsistent.

  • Q™ is scorch resistant and under normal conditions is not affected. Always use a trivet or hot pad between Q and any heat generating device including but not limited to crock pots, deep fryers, hot pots and pans or electric skillets. Sudden or rapid change of temperature or sustained heating, especially near edges and cut outs, may create enough thermal expansion energy to cause your countertop to crack. Damage caused by thermal expansion is not covered under the Q warranty.

  • Follow these simple care and use guidelines and your Q™ countertop will provide you with many years of trouble free use.

Contact Q Quartz surfaces for further information by calling 1-800-490-0060 or by visiting our web site at

Warranty terms for MSI Q Quartz - provided by MSI

M S International, Inc. (MSI) warrants Q Premium Natural Quartz to be free of manufacturing defects from the date of installation when fabricated and installed in private single-family residences by an authorized Q Premium Natural Quartz Fabricator.

This Residential Lifetime warranty is limited to the original purchaser of the Q installation. In newly constructed single-family residences where Q has been installed, the warranty is available to the original owner and resident and is non-transferable.

All decisions regarding this warranty are at the sole discretion of MSI. No representative, dealer, salesperson, distributor, fabricator or other persons are authorized to make any warranty or promises on behalf of MSI with respect to Q products. If it is determined by MSI that Q Quartz materials failed due to a manufacturing defect, MSI will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace such materials. MSI will strive to obtain the best possible resolution. The decision to repair or replace is at MSI’s sole discretion and an exact color match is not guaranteed.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This warranty applies only to Q Premium Natural Quartz materials that have been permanently installed in the interior of single-family residences and have not been moved from their original installation.

  • This warranty applies only to materials that have been maintained according to the Q Premium Natural Quartz Care & Maintenance guidelines. Care & Maintenance guidelines are available at To request service under this warranty you must contact the company who sold you your Q Quartz Surfacing or contact M S International, Inc. directly at 1-800-490-0060 within thirty; (30) days of failure. Please also have your proof of purchase available.

  • Following installation, you must register your product within thirty; (30) days. To activate your warranty, simply complete the online form made available at here.

What is not covered under this Warranty:

  • Any residence where the owner is not the occupant.

  • Materials and/or services that have not been paid for in full.

  • Use in any commercial application. Commercial use includes but is not limited to, use in stores, rental properties, offices or any other place of business.

  • Product installed in any outdoors application.

  • Product used as flooring material.

  • Improper use or abuse including but not limited to, damage from mishandling of the product, damage from excessive heat or uneven exposure to weather conditions, physical or chemical abuse and damage from improper care and maintenance.

  • Chips at edges or other areas caused by impact damage.

  • Scratches. Q Quartz is highly scratch resistance but is not scratch proof. Proper care must be exercised including the use of a cutting board as part of your care and maintenance

  • Routine maintenance including but not limited to, minor conditions such as removing stains and water spots by following the techniques specified in the Q Quartz Care & Maintenance Guidelines.

  • Failures due to fabricators/installers not following the prescribed fabrication and installation procedures as outlined by M S International, Inc. Improper fabrication and/or installation is the sole responsibility of the fabricator and/or installer.

  • Defects that were visible at the time of fabrication and were not avoided during fabrication. Fabricators are required to perform a visual inspection of all materials prior to fabrication and again prior to installation.

  • Seam appearance and performance, adhesives, caulk or other accessory items. Once the product is installed, the two main reasons for seam separation or cracking are the shifting or movement of the substrate, cabinets or foundation, and thermal shock.

  • Thermal shock can occur when a hot pan, dish or other receptacle or object is left on the countertop for more than a brief period. Trivets or hot pads should always be used. These issues are not considered material defects and are subject to proper care and maintenance by the owner:

  • Chemical damage.

  • Creative use of the material such as thermal bending or curving.

  • Material that has been reduced in thickness.

  • Securing mechanical fasteners directly into the material.

  • Failures due to inadequate support for the installation.

  • Any other cost incurred including but not limited to painting, plumbing, electrical, tile, cabinets, flooring etc. that may be necessary to modify, remove and or replace in the process rectifying a Q Quartz manufacturing defect covered under this warranty.

  • Natural variations in the color, size, shape and distribution of the pattern of the natural quartz or the natural variations in background tone. These are inherent characteristics of the product. Color samples provided to consumers, dealers and fabricators are only a representation/sample and not an exact replication of what will be installed in your home.

  • Spots or blemishes on mono colors smaller than a U.S. ten (10) cent coin and on multi colored materials smaller than a U.S. Quarter (25) cent coin. A certain level of spots or blemishes are inherent in the manufacturing process and do not affect Q’s structural integrity or performance therein.

  • Q Quartz materials contain important product information on the back of each slab. Removing this product information will void the warranty.

  • M S International, Inc. is not responsible for damage or injury caused in whole or in part by acts of God, job site conditions, and architectural/engineering design, and structural movement, acts of vandalism or accidents.

  • M S International, Inc. shall not be responsible in either contract or tort for any loss of direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special, exemplary, or punitive damages arising due to the use of or the inability to use the products covered by this warranty. Some states do not allow exclusion or limitation of incidental damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.


This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from State to State.


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